Happy Best Friends’ Day! (from the girl with no best friend)

So today is the day to honor that one person who totally gets you, the one who stayed by your side in tears or in laughter. Happy Best Friends’ Day! Sadly, I have no one to celebrate the day with.

Yes, I do not have a best friend. I do have a couple of close friends but there is really no one who I can truly call my BFF. This is not something that I planned. I am actually longing for a friendship like that of Robin and Lily of How I Met Your Mother or like that of Becky and Suze of the Shopaholic series but I never found that kind of relationship. Somehow, I always find myself in a crowd where, when the boat is sinking, no one would immediately pair up with me.

Lily and Robin of HIMYM
Lily and Robin of HIMYM

“You’re an introvert, that’s why,” my sister would explain. She may be right. I have been quite reticent, even as a child, and I do not mind spending my extra time alone. I rarely recite in class. I tend to be quiet during lively discussions except at home which is the only place where I can be seen chattering. I have always been reluctant to approach other people, especially teachers. I shy away from college parties for the fear of spilling my own secrets after a few shots. These are not exactly top secrets but these secrets define me and I am not yet ready to share these with anyone. Plus, many of these secrets are really embarrassing.

My mother blames herself. She said they used to hide me from my grandfather who had no idea that she and Dad were together. She thus hypothesized that the fact that I was a secret baby may be the reason why I became too secretive and often hesitant to talk with people I am not familiar with. But I disagree with Mom. I have now figured out what’s wrong: it’s my face.

I used to wonder why I am good at intimidating people unconsciously. It dawned on me lately when I chanced upon this article from Cosmopolitan Philippines. Reading it was like a eureka moment that I kept on exclaiming, So true!

I understand you, girl.
I understand you, girl.

So that was the problem – my resting bitch face. After reading the article I remembered rushing to the bathroom to look at my face. I stared at my unsmiling self for a full minute then I end up laughing (it was good I was alone in our dorm room that time as my roommates might think I was going crazy). I realized that if I were another person, I would not find it easy to approach that lady with that tiger look in her face. So to all those people who I had shooed off because of my mataray face, my deepest apologies. I did not mean to do so. True, I am not talkative but I am not unfriendly.

So again, happy best friends’ day to all who have found their soul sisters! And as for the best friend that I still believe that I am yet to meet, please do not be afraid of me. Believe me, it’s just my face. 😀


Author: Aira Mallapre

Aira, a dreamer by day and crammer by night, has been singing out of tune since 1995.

2 thoughts on “Happy Best Friends’ Day! (from the girl with no best friend)”

  1. Hee-hee! It’s hard to get past the RBF to become a BFF! 😉 But honestly, this *is* a tricky thing, especially for naturally introverted or shy people. I learned in uni days that people who didn’t know me took my inability to look them in the eye or make friendly small talk with strangers as an attitude of superiority and condescension. I was shocked! I felt exactly the opposite. But I learned that I had to work to project anything approachable, and it’s proven well worth the trouble again and again in my life since. (http://artcoloredglasses.com/2011/12/24/the-one-person-more-lost-than-me/) You are not alone!! But you’ll have to make a little bit of an effort to start to see how many friends and potential friends you have around you. I know you can. You project friendliness here on your blog; now you can work on projecting that with a good Resting Interesting Person Face! 😀

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    1. Hi. I’m glad I’m not alone! And I’m also glad you think I’m friendly here. 🙂 I always worry that I might be showing my gloomy side too much since I tend to rant in my blog. In real life I’ve learned to be extra perky when meeting people for the first time just so they won’t get intimidated but sometimes my face muscles end up aching from all that smiling! But it has gained me some friends that are very dear to me now so I’m still doing it. I am currently working on my conversation skills (I am not a good talker) and a friend already told me that she’s happy I’m being talkative now. I must be getting somewhere. 🙂

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