Marked with scent


He came home drunk last night with lipstick marks on his neck and collar. Thus, today I bathe in my perfume.

Tonight I will get my scent all over him and I hope she smells it. I hope she gets the message — lipstick marks cannot mark a territory; scent does.


Keep the window open

She sits by the window, wondering if he sneaks into her window, too, at night. Does he have to knock? Or does she keep it open for him, just like she does?

She sighs at the sight of her forgotten window. But still she left it open — just in case.


Ideal guy checklist

Tall and svelte — check.

Sculpted arms — check.

Light brown eyes — check.

Sleek dark hair — check.

Sexy five o’clock shadow — check.

Purring baritone voice — check.

He ticks off all her boxes yet she feels nothing extraordinary. It must be true what they tell her — Ideal Guy is not always Mr. Right.

Bad name

What were they thinking when they named her Tempest? She’s not a tempest and has no desire to be.

Her every attempt to rechristen herself with a tamer nickname fails — no one forgets a name like Tempest.

So a Tempest, she remains. Better be than have no name at all.

Afternoon radio music

Just a fool to believe I am everything she needs, Patrick Swayze croons. She’s like the wind.

I crank up the volume. Soon, Iā€™m waltzing in the living room with the cocktail in my hand.

You dance like the wind, I tell myself. You need no man to do that.

Strawberry Martini

Update: Busy living the dream

Looks like my college memoir project has to wait. I am so sorry (is anyone even interested in finishing it, except for me?). But I have some good news though — I recently joined the work force! Finally. And it gets better — I am living the dream (insert silent kilig scream here).

Yes, the dream (nope, not writing). The one I have been imagining since I was ten years old. I am really now a teacher.

No one has any idea how happy I am now. I still do have a lot to learn and I always end the day feeling really tired but still, I am always excited to get up the next morning. It just feels too good to be true that sometimes, I wonder if the giddiness will ever wear off. I hope not for this is the best feeling I have ever been blessed with (yes, it is even more than love).

There are times though when I get frustrated by my relative inexperience whenever I see my students struggling to understand me. Each time a student raises a hand to tell me that I am using too complicated words or whenever they would look at me blankly as if I am talking alienese, I want to cry. But at the end of the meeting, when they say, “See you tomorrow, teacher!” or when I see them somewhere else and they run towards me just to say hello, I feel grateful to be given the chance to be their teacher. But sometimes, I still think, I am good enough for these kids? With their smiles, it feels like they are telling me, You’re not perfect but yes, you are.

It has only been more than a week since I started and I am already feeling overwhelmed. But it is a good feeling, like when you are working out and your muscles are burning yet you feel like you have more energy than you did before starting. Isn’t life wonderful? šŸ™‚