The Centenarian

Warning: I am a terrible poet. Read at your own risk.

The Centenarian

I did not want to live a hundred—
it is too much bear!
To look back on yesterday’s sorrows
and live today in scare.

I did not want to live a hundred
and watch my children die.
For then, in their pain,
I could only cry.

I do not want to live a hundred—
a long life does not really matter.
If life has too little kindness,
then a short life is better.

Writing Again

At the start of 2014, I made a promise that I will quit planning and start doing. This blog is a part of fulfilling this promise.

Being a bibliophile since birth, I have always wanted to write. I wanted to create worlds the same as those which has fascinated me and share them with other people who breathe books like I do. But mediocrity became my tragedy. You see, I am not really a gifted writer. So, I gave up writing and decided to major in Biology. Unlike being a writer, being a biologist seemed to have a solid image to me and thus, was a safer choice. I realized lately that I made the wrong choice.

I do not regret choosing to major in Biology. I may have difficulty in my subjects but I truly enjoy learning about science. What I regretted was quitting writing. I realized that writing is not just for those who have a talent for it. Writing is for everyone who has something to express and there is so many things that I want to say. Writing is the only way that I could make them known. It does not really matter that my ideas are not interesting or that my poems are terrible because they are me and I can never be ashamed of who I am. This is the only person I can be.

So, here I am, writing again.