Apologies and Updates

More than a month ago, I decided to join the A to Z Blogging Challenge. After successfully posting for A and B, I missed C due to overflowing teaching tasks until I forgot about the challenge completely.


Yes, you read it right — as embarrassing as it is, I admit that I was such a scatterbrain that I actually forgot about a challenge I joined after posting about it just a day before. For that, apologies are due.

With so much shame, I apologize to the organizers of the challenge. You worked hard and dedicated precious time so that bloggers can have an opportunity to further improve their writing and blogging skills. You do not deserve people like me who waste your time and efforts by failing to commit. Really, I am truly sorry.

I apologize, too, to the followers I gained because of the challenge. We were supposed to help one another but I just quit. You wasted time reading the posts of an obscure blogger who does not even bother to check on feedback. Again I am truly sorry.

But on a more positive note (which I probably do not deserve), I failed. Finally, I failed because finally, I tried.

My life is full of regrets. I regret not trying for the school paper. I regret not submitting for a newspaper column after working for months on a piece. I regret not trying to at least fight for my dream. I regret not trying to fight back every time I get catcalled. I regret not trying to protect myself from the people who verbally and emotionally abuse me. I never at least try.

All my life I never dared try for myself, all because I was afraid I would fail and people would tell me, We told you so. This time, though, I tried. I tried finally and I failed and I am proud of that failure. It means I am less afraid now.

I failed on this blogging challenge but I am now less hesitant to venture out of my comfort zone. Perhaps, though, I am not yet ready to commit to another blogging challenge (perhaps, next year?). Right now, it may be best to dedicate my efforts on my current reading challenge to make sure I, at least, accomplish one blogging goal this year. It has been months since my last post and I am currently working on posting about my third book. I am also working through my fourth book and has recently picked up two interesting titles from the book store.

I did not know failure can give one so much courage to try even more. If only I knew from the beginning I would not had been such a scaredy cat.

Here’s to failing! May it drive me to always try.