Choosing curves

He gave me a one-arm hug and whispered, “Dear, you gained some weight.”

“Really? Thanks!” Finally, I’m finally getting back the curves I lost.

“Uh, honey, I don’t mean it in that way…”

I looked into him and realized he’s not kidding. It’s really probably time to let him go.


One Last Dance

Waltzing, he sweeps her across the ballroom as I watch in envy. She is perfect.

It is probably rude to ask a girl to dance on her wedding day but I will do so anyway. After all, he has a lifetime to dance with her. This is my last chance.

Ideal guy checklist

Tall and svelte — check.

Sculpted arms — check.

Light brown eyes — check.

Sleek dark hair — check.

Sexy five o’clock shadow — check.

Purring baritone voice — check.

He ticks off all her boxes yet she feels nothing extraordinary. It must be true what they tell her — Ideal Guy is not always Mr. Right.

Afternoon radio music

Just a fool to believe I am everything she needs, Patrick Swayze croons. She’s like the wind.

I crank up the volume. Soon, Iā€™m waltzing in the living room with the cocktail in my hand.

You dance like the wind, I tell myself. You need no man to do that.

Strawberry Martini